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Smart Bets: Catherine Reid

Local author Catherine Reid, a literary nature writer, is the director of Warren Wilson College’s undergraduate creative writing program. Her essays, stories and poems have appeared in a number of literary reviews, and she recently published Falling Into Place: An Intimate Geography of Home. “Reid writes on issues like environmental degradation, same-sex marriage, and war […]

Development laws need to be enforced

Thank you, David Forbes, for the well-written account of the repeated run-off violations from Beverly-Grant’s strip-mall development on Merrimon Avenue (“Muddy Waters,” Jan. 29, Xpress ).  As much as I respect Shannon Tuch, director of Asheville’s development services, I must strongly disagree with her statement that Beverly-Grant is “really trying” [to keep its pollution on-site]. […]

THE ANTI-YELP: Jamie Fedele has designed his new online restaurant guide to be everything he says Urbanspoon and Yelp are not. Photo courtesy of Lucky Fork

What the fork?

Jamie Fedele hates Yelp. Not because of any bad reviews he’s suffered, just the overall concept. His Charlotte restaurant, Soul Gastrolounge, opened in 2009 and has received accolades, acclaim and a steady stream of business in one of the hipper parts of town, Plaza Midwood. A former DJ and music business veteran, the ever-entrepreneurial Fedele […]

Hoping for more mobility

I feel bad for Louise Harrison, the reader who responded [”Thankful for Mountain Mobility,” Feb. 5, Xpress] to my letter about the shortcomings of Mountain Mobility, [”Mountain Mobility Can Do More,” Jan. 28, Xpress]. Again, I am grateful for their transport to my many doctor appointments and to food shopping. If Ms. Harrison had a […]

Smart Bets: Rachel Brooke

“Take everything you think you know about country music and throw it out the window,” wrote one reviewer. “That pop rock crap y’all call country is nothing compared to what Rachel Brooke is laying down.” Based in northern Michigan, Brooke grew up with bluegrass fans for parents. Meanwhile, she played in a punk band. Somehow […]

“3”: A bold, graphic piece by photographer Keegan Hooper hangs in the multimedia show, In Public. The exhibition is part of the Asheville Area Arts Council’s Point of View curatorial series. Image courtesy of the artist

State of the Arts

Apothecary closed and moved out of the YMI Cultural Center last November. But that closure didn’t spell the end for the experimental arts and music collective. Rather, it presented an opportunity for unrestricted transition. The group’s current incarnation is on view at the Asheville Area Arts Council. In Public is an exhibition of interdisciplinary, avant-garde […]

FORK-FREE: According to Anoop Krishnan, owner of Mela Indian Restaurant, the Indian tradition of eating without utensils reflects reverence for the food and offers a unique sensory experience. Photo by Jayson Im

Sticky fingers

Have you ever caught yourself at a restaurant holding a piece of chicken with your fingers and wondered: Is anyone looking? “Emily Post said it’s correct etiquette to eat fried chicken with your hands,” says Chef Bob Wallace of Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack. (His grandmother, he says, always quoted Emily Post.) Rocky’s co-owner Lauren Cundiff […]

IN THE QUEUE? Long-awaited and oft-debated plans for the Interstate 26 connector will be in the queue of road projects for Western North Carolina. Hayley Benton

Travel plans

In between snow events that brought most state roads to a halt, the Department of Transportation held an open house in Asheville Feb. 11 to encourage public input and conversation about upcoming plans — particularly those queued for Western North Carolina, such as the long-awaited (and oft-debated) Interstate 26 connector. With a respectable showing of […]

Chickens aren’t for eating

RE:  [“Poultry for the people,” Feb. 5, Xpress] I commend the founder of the Asheville Chicken Club for pointing out that chickens are “fragile little birds and they need proper care.” I’d also like to share some information with those considering acquiring chickens. Half of the birds born at hatcheries supplying the egg industry (males) […]

State of mind: MNDSGN headlines Asheville Beat Tape Collective’s three-year anniversary show. The L.A.-based producer represents a movement of cross-genre music lovers in line with the local collective’s direction. Photo courtesy of the artist

What’s in a name

When the Asheville Beat Tape Collective celebrates its three-year anniversary at Emerald Lounge on Friday, Feb. 21, it may be the last time the uses that name. Technically, the moniker still refers to the organization started by formerly local DJ and producer Nigel Geiger in 2010 as a unifying force for sonic artists in Asheville. […]

Affordable housing is essential

I am overjoyed that our City Council is working to address the need for affordable housing in Asheville.  Both as a professional working in public health and an Asheville City Schools Board of Education member, I know the web of challenges that children and adults face in Asheville.  Affordable housing is one essential piece of […]

Work ethic: From lineup changes to sonic shifts, The Blank Tapes are a moving target. It’s a never-ending process of writing, recording and releasing albums, says frontman Matt Adams (left, with Pearl Charles). Photo by Karen Knoller

Tropical impression

There are many forms of precognition, or predicting the future: Fortunetellers, crystal balls, dreams. Or, in the case of Matt Adams, songwriting. As the frontman for Los Angeles-based garage band The Blank Tapes, he wrote the song “Brazilia” off the band’s new album, Vacation, long before he ever toured that South American country. “It was […]

Cranky Hanke’s Weekly Reeler February 19-25: In 3 Secret Days to Kill Pompeii

Thank goodness for art titles. Otherwise, this week would look pretty bleak. At the same time, there are all those titles you possibly missed owing to the weather last week. Today (I’m writing this on Monday) marks the first day it has been possible to get out of my driveway since last Tuesday night. (Yes, I have cabin fever. You are warned.) That also resulted in the first time since I started reviewing for the Xpress in 2000 where some movies didn’t get reviewed.