Protesters, activists and supporters of the Black Asheville Matters movement took to the streets of downtown this morning to call attention to racial inequity across the country and demand justice for the killing of Jerry Williams by an Asheville Police officer on July 2. Photo by Thomas Calder

UPDATED: Demonstrators, community members stage rally & teach-in at Asheville Police Station over Jerry Williams shooting

Local Asheville SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) activists, faith leaders and community members gathered at the Asheville Visitor Center this morning to hold a rally calling attention to instances of racial inequity across the country. Demonstrators also demanded justice for Jai Lateef Solveig (Jerry) Williams, who was fatally shot by Asheville Police Sergeant Tyler Radford […]

KNOWING THE RISK: Scam artists are constantly finding new, ingenious ways to exploit security loopholes and gain access to consumers’ personal information, from installing “skimmers” (pictured above) on unmanned points of transaction to hacking into financial databases. In turn, law enforcement and cyber security experts encourage consumers to protect themselves by being vigilant in knowing how and where scammers strike. Photo courtesy of the Asheville Police Department

Scamming, skimming and financial fraud in WNC

Today’s savvy scammers have a whole host of increasingly sophisticated techniques to quickly steal information and drain bank accounts. To combat these crimes, IT professionals, law enforcement personnel and government officials are encouraging consumers and businesses to remain vigilant at transaction points and take other steps to safeguard themselves from the threat of online hackers.

DANCING QUEENS: "Qoya means 'queen,' and we are preparing the space for queens to enter, for goddesses, for royalty. Flowers, spritzers, candles, cards," says Lyndsey Azlynne about the movement practice. Photo by Emily Nichols

Qoya emerges as a new feminine movement modality in Asheville

One of Asheville’s newest activities embraces dance, yoga, shamanic ritual, pilgrimage and community connection, says local astrologer Virginia Rosenberg. It’s called Qoya (pronounced COY-uh), and “the guiding principle is there is no way you can do it wrong,” she says. ‘Qoya,’ which means ‘queen’ in Quechuan, a pre-Incan language in Peru, captures the empowerment women […]