COOKING FOR CHANGE: Tera Broughton, left, and Sylvia Loveridge, right, get ready for the meal at a recent Dining for Women event hosted by Sheila Dunn.

Dining for Women potlucks fight gender inequality

For seven years, Kamala, a young Nepalese woman, was an indentured servant, “rented” out by her parents for $50 a year. Today, she’s the Himalayan nation’s first female motorcycle mechanic, earning $50 a day. Kamala owes her freedom and improved prospects to Dining for Women, a global, nonprofit “giving circle.” And on Saturday, April 25, […]

EXPANDING THE PIE: MANNA FoodBank's Space to Erase Hunger capital campaign will fund major improvements at the organization's warehouses, enabling more distribution of fresh food. Pictured, from left to right, are MANNA executive director Cindy Threlkeld, campaign committee chair Brad Searson, campaign director Donna Ensley and honorary campaign committee chair David Holt.

MANNA FoodBank announces $3M capital campaign

“Ideally, MANNA would put itself out of business,” says Brad Searson, committee chair of MANNA FoodBank’s newly announced capital campaign, the Space to Erase Hunger. Since that wishful thinking isn’t reality, however, the MANNA team is revealing its comprehensive plans to achieve an “integrated facility,” through a complete overhaul of current warehouse operations. In its first […]

Catie Curtis horiz cr Joseph Anthony Baker

Smart bets: Catie Curtis

Catie Curtis was dubbed a “folk-rock goddess” by The New Yorker — an impressive title that still doesn’t manage to sum up the singer-songwriter’s remarkable career. A Maine native, Curtis got her musical start as a drummer and, as a teenager, sat in with Foreigner on “I Want to Know What Love Is.” She went […]

Annie and the Hot Club

Smart bets: Annie and the Hot Club

Theatrical facial expressions and expressive gesticulations take jazz vocalist Annie Sellick’s onstage storytelling abilities over the top, transforming each song into a personal conversation with the crowd. The performer — part musician, part impromptu actress — is truly living every lyric as she sings. The Hot Club of Nashville, which infuses 1930s and ’40s jazz […]

Dying to Live Theatre at the Altamont

Third Messenger group explores the sacred art of being and dying

In a sense, the defining characteristic of what it means to be alive is that, at some point, death awaits. It’s an ever-present reality that makes occasional appearances and always looms somewhere in the future. And we all carry stories about death. Not wanting to be judged as depressing or morbid, we rarely take the opportunity […]

Up the Chain

Smart bets: Up the Chain

For Reed Kendall, transitioning from solo songwriting to a solid band lineup has been “the ultimate blessing.” With drummer Kirby Sybert and bassist Noah Skaroff replacing the former rotating cast of musicians, he says his Philadelphia-based rock band Up the Chain is using consistency and trust as a platform for progress. The group’s first record […]