COOKING FOR CHANGE: Tera Broughton, left, and Sylvia Loveridge, right, get ready for the meal at a recent Dining for Women event hosted by Sheila Dunn.

Dining for Women potlucks fight gender inequality

For seven years, Kamala, a young Nepalese woman, was an indentured servant, “rented” out by her parents for $50 a year. Today, she’s the Himalayan nation’s first female motorcycle mechanic, earning $50 a day. Kamala owes her freedom and improved prospects to Dining for Women, a global, nonprofit “giving circle.” And on Saturday, April 25, […]

EXPANDING THE PIE: MANNA FoodBank's Space to Erase Hunger capital campaign will fund major improvements at the organization's warehouses, enabling more distribution of fresh food. Pictured, from left to right, are MANNA executive director Cindy Threlkeld, campaign committee chair Brad Searson, campaign director Donna Ensley and honorary campaign committee chair David Holt.

MANNA FoodBank announces $3M capital campaign

“Ideally, MANNA would put itself out of business,” says Brad Searson, committee chair of MANNA FoodBank’s newly announced capital campaign, the Space to Erase Hunger. Since that wishful thinking isn’t reality, however, the MANNA team is revealing its comprehensive plans to achieve an “integrated facility,” through a complete overhaul of current warehouse operations. In its first […]

CHEERS TO THAT: Waking Life Espresso owners Jared Rutledge, left, and Jacob Owens brew their coffee hot and chill it quickly with a wort-chilling device traditionally used for making beer. The resulting flash-chilled coffee, they say, is the best they've ever tasted.

Waking Life Espresso takes a lesson from the beer world

By borrowing the flash-chilling process from beer brewers, Waking Life Espresso co-owners Jared Rutledge and Jacob Owens say they’ve perfected the art of iced-coffee. Now the two are making strides to get their product into more and more hands, by selling online, signing a larger scale distribution deal and scoping out a second location in East Asheville.

CONTROVERSIAL CONTENTS: Because the sale of unpasteurized milk is illegal in North Carolina, Marshall farmers Kate and Kevin Lane sell raw milk from their Jersey cows under a state-approved label that marks it as pet food. The farm expects to be distributing about 100 gallons of their milk per week to customers in the Asheville area this summer.

Raw deal? Asheville’s taste for unpasteuri­zed milk

Raw milk comes straight from the cow — it hasn’t been pasteurized (heated to high temperatures for specific lengths of time to kill potentially harmful pathogens). Though both the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn against unpasteurized dairy products in no uncertain terms, the product remains in high demand.