Smart Bets: Rob Morrill Photography

Leicester-based photographer Rob Morrill was a veterinarian for his first career. Following his retirement in ’99, he turned his attention to his camera. According to his bio, Morrill is “primarily devoted to dynamic floral images that were manipulated digitally, to varying degrees, in an attempt to blur the line between real and imaginary.” He has developed a technique “using Epsom’s water-resistant canvas mounted on a rigid backer and then sealed with a product that protects the image from dirt, fingerprints, even fading.” In the past seven years, Morrill has created more than 800 images, some of which will be hang in a new exhibition. The show runs Thursday, Jan. 2-Thursday, Jan. 30 at the Front Gallery at Woolworth Walk. An opening reception takes place on Friday, Jan. 3, 4-6 p.m. Image courtesy of Rob Morrill


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