Smart Bets: Eagle Street Playwrights

The Apothecary and Black Swan Theater are teaming up to support local playwriting. Or, as press for the inaugural meeting of the Eagle Street Playwrights says, "to encourage, refine, and produce local theatrical work." The playwrights group will gather on the first Thursday of each month to workshop and plan for upcoming productions. Sign up for and become aquainted with the collective (who will also be meeting each other for the first time) at a community gala on Thursday, July 11, 7:30 p.m. at Apothecary. Asheville actors Trinity Smith (pictured), Derek Evans, Jack Parsons. Michael MacCauley, and Jake Bowden will perform a premiere reading of David Hopes' Awake! Awake! Deborah, a play set partly in former Asheville haunt Vincent’s Ear and partly in hell.


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