Smart Bets: Tav Falco

A purveyor of psychobilly, blues/rock/psychedlc bandleader Tav Falco launched his revue, Panther Burns (named for a Mississippi plantation) in the late '70s. According to his bio, "Throughout his career in photography, video, film and music, Falco has merged the grainy portraiture of a gonzo documentarian with the spellbinding mythos of a backwoods raconteur." Falco relocated to Europe in the late '90s and, for the last decade, has populated Panther Burns with musicians from paris and Rome. Tav Falco & the Unapproachable Panther Burns play Broadways on Wednesday, Oct. 17. 9 p.m. The Krektones open. Tickets are $10 in advance (at Harvest Records, Static Age and Broadways) or $13 day or show.


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