Smart Bets: Yamato: The Drummers of Japan

Think of it as STOMP, only from Japan’s Nara Prefecture, and centered around the ancient art of Taiko drumming as opposed to making rhythms with janitorial equipment. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Yamato, though the years haven't slowed the percussionists’ frenetic pace nor dulled their athletic prowess. "The master drummers perform on a mind-altering array of traditional percussion instruments large and small, including a massive odaiko drum 6 feet in diameter and made from a 400-year-old tree," says a press release. The group spends six to 10 months on the road each year; the current tour brings Yamato to The Diana Wortham Theatre on Saturday, Nov. 9. Tickets for the 4 p.m. show are $15 children/$25 students/$30 general. For 8 p.m.: $15/$30/$35.


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