Armed forces

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On Saturday afternoon, Desoto Lounge held its second women’s arm wrestling tournament. If the event was one of the west side’s best kept secrets, it won’t be for long: The advance signup maxed out at 16 competitors and the bar’s back room (set up with a professional arm wrestling table on a small stage) was packed with onlookers.

And, in case anyone doubts the fierceness of a women-only event, rest assured the matches were cutthroat. In a tough-but-friendly sort of way. While there were broad shoulders and cut biceps to spare, it wasn’t only the burliest contenders who dusted the competition. Scrappy farm girls made a good showing. And, though most bouts concluded in the time it took to capture a single Instagram, matches that extended toward the minute-mark were rewarded with cheers and shouts of encouragement.

While a date for the next arm wrestling match has yet to be set, look for one around February. And plan to arrive early.

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