Asheville Street Style launches

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Taking a cue from street fashion Web sites world-wide (Paris, Stockholm, Helsinki…), Xpress launches Asheville Street Style, an online photographic record of the unique fashion to be found in our fair city. Read it here or log on to

Asheville Street Style harkens back to former Xpress print column “Top Drawer,” but with a streamlined approach and an emphasis on the found, DIY, avant-garde and original styles seen on the streets.

To comment on a post, click the title above the photo—you’ll be redirected with a page complete with a comments form. Want to participate or submit ideas for the fashion blog? We welcome your input.

—Alli Marshall, A&E reporter

About Alli Marshall
Alli Marshall is the arts writer and editor at Mountain Xpress. She's lived in Asheville for more than 20 years and loves live music, visual art, fiction and friendly dogs.

5 thoughts on “Asheville Street Style launches

  1. jenndiz

    I enjoy seeing the pages from Berlin and London, etc. The bigger city styles are usually much more interesting and clever than the local styles I see in Asheville.

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