The Ultimate Air Copy Editor

Mountain Xpress Editorial Assistant Jaye Bartell threw himself into the Ultimate Air Dogs competition on Sunday, July 31. Although Sunday at Bele Chere is the quieter of the festival’s three days, attendance around the Ultimate Air Dogs pool was considerable, and the tension was immense. This video captures the drama and competition of Bartell’s epic battle of flight:

–video by Jake Frankel

Ultimate Air Editor/Dog Slideshow and photos:

— Photos by Rich Orris

And here’s several audio interviews with some of the spectators who witnessed this momentous event (most said they thought they could jump farther than Bartell):

Reaction from the crowd by Mountain Xpress
— Interviews by Jen Nathan Orris

As Bele Chere ends, so ends our Ultimate Air saga. What have we learned? How to do a cannon ball, the smell of a dog bath and the feeling of ultimate air. Thanks to Milt and Kathy Wilcox for letting us jump.

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4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Air Copy Editor

  1. jeff

    Who’s a good boy? Is it you?? You ARE a good boy!

    Jaye, I’ll throw the tennis ball for you any ol time.

    That’s good stuff.

  2. kimboronni

    Good dog!

    Btw, love the new mountain xpress t-shirts… I wore mine yesterday too! Didn’t jump in a pool, thought!

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