Web Extra: Interview with Bill Maher (AUDIO)

Here’s the audio recording of our entire interview with comedian and pundit Bill Maher, who is performing on Friday, April 22, at Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in downtown Asheville. In this webcast, we gauge Maher’s thoughts on city Council member Cecil Bothwell’s atheism, Rep. Heath Shuler and many other subjects that didn’t make it in to print.

For more on Maher and his Asheville show, read our April 19 story, “There’s a Lot of Information in Laughter.”


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6 thoughts on “Web Extra: Interview with Bill Maher (AUDIO)

  1. Kayla

    bill is amazing! but who is the interviewer? he says “uh huh” after every answer… awwwwkkkkwaardd! keep the conversation going buddy!

  2. Carie

    Absolutely love Bill Maher!!! I love it that he says, “Nobody REALLY knows what happens when you die!”

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