Lizz Wright

Sound track: “Freedom and Surrender” by Lizz Wright

Wright’s new album and fifth offering, builds on the musician’s foundation in jazz and gospel. Although the album moves through various musical genres — the sultry lilt of “The Game,” the breathless slow dance of “Right Where You Are,” the aching, gospel-infused cover of The Bee Gee’s “To Love Somebody” — every song is ultimately about Wright’s voice.

FEELING FINE: Singer-songwriter Jill Andrews’ records don’t revolve around any particular topics. Instead, she follows her heart when it comes to selecting songs. “I tend to think that if you’re writing [an album] in a certain period of time, a theme will kind of emerge," she says. "I just pick the songs that I like the most.”

Jill Andrews debuts The War Inside at The Grey Eagle

Andrews got her start as part of alt-country band the everybodyfields. She formed that group with fellow singer-songwriter Sam Quinn; they met as teens while working at summer camp. Andrews’ unique pop-folk sensibility and warm, soulful sound — apparent early on — have helped her steadily grow as a solo artist since striking out on her own in 2009. She’ll debut her newest album, The War Inside, at The Grey Eagle Friday, Sept. 25.