Top drawer

Nothing to wear? Sometimes we all need a little inspiration when standing in front of the closet. That’s why Xpress is serving up local style with tips on what to wear, where to shop, and where to find fashion events. Check back each week for the latest looks. It’s a wrap • Who she is: […]

Boyz in the theater

Not popped-and-locked into one genre: Some breakdancing diehards object to the form being choreographed with other kinds of dance (or choreographed at all, for that matter). But Rennie Harris Puremovement has another story to tell. Audiences — the type that shell out for ballet or modern dance — have been intimidated by hip-hop, explains Brandon […]

Novel approach

“It almost feels like ‘indie’ means ‘real,’” muses Britt Daniel — who, when he isn’t waxing philosophical to reporters, fronts fuzz-rock band Spoon. In 2003, Daniel told Pitchfork that the catchall term doesn’t always fit. “Everyone has their definition of indie rock and by some definitions, what we do is indie rock,” he said. “I […]

Practical magic

I was Dorie the Good Witch the Halloween I was 11 — a costume I styled from a black cocktail dress, black pointed cap, black Mary Janes and multicolored striped socks. A proud moment — but also my last juncture with the occult. Until now, that is. Hefting (and I do mean heft — the […]

Feline groovy

“I’ve never been a cat person,” admits actor Philip Peterson. So he’s a bit hard-pressed to explain how he ended up playing one on stage. As the sage feline Old Deuteronomy in Troika Productions’ Cats, Peterson is perfecting his stray-cat strut. “This is a role I never thought I’d do,” he reveals during an interview […]

LEAF facts & acts

The Lake Eden Arts Festival, featuring roots and world music, contra dancing and healing-arts workshops, happens every May and October at Camp Rockmont, the former site of avant-garde Black Mountain College. LEAF’s current installment unfolds Friday, Oct. 14 through Sunday, Oct. 16. Weekend passes include camping, and are $108/adults, $87/youth. The weekend pass “plus” includes […]

Ready for her close-up

Fashion keeps coming around, right? Sort of like movie remakes. Alex and Emma was just Paris When It Sizzles — only a little less sizzling without Audrey Hepburn’s signature style. So, when co-opting vintage vogue, it’s best to go back to the source: those unforgettable characters who turned quirk into trend. Annie Hall made neckties […]


The late, great designer Steven Sprouse once said that fashion comes from the streets. He kept his collections current by checking out what kids around NYU, punks in Tompkins Square Park and artists in Greenwich Village were wearing. Looking for a little wardrobe inspiration, Xpress keeps an eye on downtown fashionistas. (A) Long live the […]

Homework you won’t hate

In case you’ve forgotten what school was like, Ducky, Spicoli, Danny and Sandy are all perfectly preserved on DVD. In fact, even the ABC After School Specials (which ran from 1972-1988, filling many a young head with the terrors of alcoholic parents, ballet-dancing boys and teen pregnancy) are now available on disc. And, though education […]

Art imitating art

“For me, everything is kind of political, but in a way, everything isn’t,” announces Brazilian Girls vocalist Sabina Sciubba. She’s just woken from a nap, and — according to bassist Jesse Murphy — sounds a bit like a crusty Italian fisherman. Sciubba (pronounced Shoo-ba) explains that the group’s song “Pussy” is about, well, “exactly what […]

They?re playing your hymn

The World Festival of Sacred Music, held every third year in Los Angeles, was reportedly “initiated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 1999 to mark the millennium with a message of peace, cultural understanding, and spirituality.” Asheville’s own Sacred Music Festival may not have sprung from such auspicious beginnings — the vocal-and-instrumental concert began […]

Gimme shelter

“I was one of eight kids, and one of my fantasies was to live in an ark,” admits artist Ellen O’Grady, author of Outside the Ark: An Artist’s Journey in Occupied Palestine. “The image was of a storm outside, but safety inside.” These days, she’s probably not the only one who’s looking for a vessel […]

War: What is it good for (besides bringing back hippie musicals)?

“Members of the Tribe still hug each other,” revealed This American Life Associate Producer Peter Clowney during a 1996 episode in which he visited the cast of the Cal-State Fullerton production of Hair. “Another student recently asked, ‘When are you guys gonna cut out all that love crap?’” the NPR commentator further reported. But for […]

2005 Mountain State Fair

The North Carolina Mountain State Fair runs Friday, Sept. 9 through Sunday, Sept. 18 at the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center in Fletcher (1301 Fanning Bridge Road). Gates open at 2 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and at 9 a.m. Thursday through Sunday. General admission is $5/adults, $2/kids 6-12 (rides priced separately). Attractions include: Hogway Speedway […]

Africa in their eyes

On a night hot enough to legitimately imagine that Asheville lies on the edge of the Serengeti, a crowded line snakes toward the Orange Peel, waiting to see Afrobeat quintet Toubab Krewe. The band, when they appear, receives a rock-star greeting before breaking into a pulsing instrumental driven by hand drums and the gourd-bottomed harp […]