HMO-free zone

“I’ve written over fifty books. … None of them has ever given me the problems of this book,” admitted Robert Conley in the afterword to his latest work, Cherokee Medicine Man: The Life and Work of a Modern Day Healer (University of Oklahoma Press, 2005). “Some people have said … that it’s because this book […]

Play it forward

External play: Informal jams are as much a part of Shindig on the Green as the singers and dancers who perform on stage. Construction at City/County Plaza this summer may threaten this portion of the decades-old event. “There’s a reason why Asheville is a center of mountain music,” reveals historian and Grammy-winning musician David Holt. […]

Poetic justice

“When the official notice came out, the phone was ringing off the hook — it was crazy,” exclaims Cullowhee-based writer Kathryn Stripling Byer. The longtime Western North Carolina resident calls herself a “stay-at-home person,” but all that’s about to change: Byer has just been named North Carolina’s Poet Laureate. Nice work if you can get […]

Making dreams, not making do

Got it made: Asheville is home to increasingly well-known designers, including Kelledy Francis (work shown above). Wearing something handmade to school used to mean social suicide. And while teens may still be label-obsessed, in the past 20 years, the idea of DIY has gone from the unhip ministrations of unicorn-themed latch-hook to the tasty trimmings […]