Following in the tradition of Thomas Wolfe: Cash is looking to conjure a distinct sense of place, which he does in A Land More Kind Than Home. Photo by Kevin Millard

Writing home

There’s a passage in in Wiley Cash’s debut novel, A Land More Kind Than Home, where Madison County sheriff Clem Barefield says, “Most people up here claim they’ve got Irish or Scottish or some kind of blood in them, and I think that’s probably true, especially if you listen to all the folks who’ll drive […]

Layered jersey neckwear by A La Mode Scarves.

When in doubt, acessorize

Hats: Fedoras are near ubiquitous, but thanks to the Middleton sisters (Kate and Pippa), other types of hats are making a comeback, too. Newly-opened Charmed, an accessories boutique, is well-stocked with all manner of summery toppers, from straw cloches to wide-brimmed sun hats. The boutique, owned by Zoe Neunen, is “a literal sister store” to […]