This weekend on a shoestring

Yes, it’s that time again. Make your weekend plans. You’re probably kicking things off with the last Downtown After Five of the season (Underhill Rose — the lovely ladies pictured here — along with Larry Keel & Natural Bridge, Lexington Ave., 5 p.m., free music, need I say more?) — here are some more options to fill in your entertainment calendar without draining your wallet.

Sonic boon

Half a century is a long time if you're talking about a savings bond maturing, a bottle of Bordeaux aging or a marriage lasting. Not so long if you're talking about the age of a nation, a supposed Ming Dynasty vase or a Redwood tree. So when it comes to a symphony orchestra, how old […]

Soul scientist

"If Howlin' Wolf doesn't move you, that's pretty much the end of the conversation," says British-born, New York-based electro-soul performer Jamie Lidell. Really, late Mississippi blues singer Howlin' Wolf is the beginning of the conversation when it comes to Lidell, whose own sonic journey touches on a childhood love of Prince, early forays into techno, […]

Dark Ages

It was a year ago when local folk rock-noir artist Angela Faye Martin went to see Vic Chesnutt at what would be Chesnutt's last Grey Eagle show. After Chesnutt's set, Martin gave him an advanced copy of her just-completed Pictures From Home. Martin had met the late Athens, Ga.-based singer/songwriter once before. "Back in summer […]