Just the artifacts

Walk this way by A.M. The following galleries will be participating in the art walk. Exhibits opening concurrent with the event are noted. • Aesthetic Gallery (fine art from around the world), 6 College St., Asheville, 398-0219. • A Boy & His Dog Fine Art (representing styles including abstract, bronze sculptures, contemporary realism, drawings, landscapes, nature photography, […]

Clay Date

Sure, pottery was sexy before that scene in Ghost (where overalls-wearing Demi Moore worked at her wheel while a specter of Patrick Swayze cuddled up to her). But chances are that getting frisky while surrounded by buckets of slip or, handmade, voluptuous sculptures probably weren't what American Folk Art & Framing had in mind when […]

Galaxy quest

Local playwright Elizabeth Schell contacted planetary astronomy professor Michael E. Brown — the scientist who discovered dwarf planet Eris in 2005 — to tell him she'd penned Pluto v. Eris: The Trial of Discord (in Schell's words, "a theatrical response to the conflict over the change in Pluto's planetary status and in celebration of the […]