Goal disoriented: Kauffman (second from right, with the Floating Action live band) says, “You can get in that mindset of thinking outside of the box, but then outside of the box becomes inside the box."

Mister manners

Local musician/producer Seth Kauffman was going to call his just-released (Feb. 22) album Fake Blood because "it kind of juxtaposed the music, which is mellow and simple." But, he says, when his sister told him the story of a certain cup that has remained by an oasis in Tunisia for centuries, always left for the […]

Mad men: 1960s attitudes and gender roles make for laugh-out-loud situation comedy in this Marc Camoletti play about a bachelor juggling three marriage-minded flight attendants. Photo by Jen Lepkowski

Mile high club

If at first a '60s-era farce sounds a bit stale, get thee to YouTube and watch the 2008 Broadway cast of Boeing Boeing doing a dance-off during curtain call. It's all pulled faces, primary colors and hot-roller hair styles. The play, written by French playwright Marc Camoletti, was first staged in London in 1962 and […]

Heart of darkness: Staten Island instrumental collective The Budos Band are influenced by ‘60s and ‘70s funk and soul, jazz, Afrobeat and, most recently, heavy metal. Photo by Kisha Bari

Darkest hours

When Staten Island-based instrumental Afro-soul collective The Budos Band was last in Asheville it was the Harvest Records-sponsored Tranfigurations festival. During their sweaty, thronged set the band announced that first, they were bringing the f—king doom (which they did, thank you very much), and second, Asheville was the farthest south they had ever traveled. (They […]

Even more to do this weekend

Now that you’ve had a moment to peruse Smart Bets and This Weekend on a Shoestring and Clubland and this week’s features, you’re probably ready to plan your weekend. But wait! There’s more! And if you order in the next three minutes we’ll throw in this set of Ginsu knives! (Not really.) But you can check out Heather Luttrell (pictured) plus an art opening, a play and more.

Write of passage: Singer/songwriter Josh Ritter is known as a storyteller in the tradition of Dylan and Springsteen. This summer he expands his character sketches into a full-length novel.


In 2006, singer/songwriter/bandleader/all-around-nice-guy Josh Ritter was named in Paste’s "100 Greatest Living Songwriters," which was probably as daunting as it was flattering, since Ritter was, at the time, 29 years old. Dylan, Neil Young and Springsteen were numbers 1, 2 and 3 respectively; Ritter was number 97. But he still beat out T Bone Burnett, […]