Taming the monkey mind: Agent 23 harnesses all aspects of his career, from GFE to kid-hop, to make a collection of positive adult-and teen-friendly hip-hop that asks the big questions.

Simian sounds

"At one point I couldn't imagine myself as a 50-year-old rapper, but now I think, why not?" says local hip-hop artist Agent 23. "Tom Waits is killing it and Tom Waits is essentially a storyteller with an old, grizzled personality." Of course, Waits isn't a rapper. But 23 points out that hip-hop and its possibilities […]

Darkly humorous: Stuckey-French says she thinks the way people rationalize things has a funny side, even if some critics don’t agree.

Risky business

Ideas for novels come from unusual sources: "One thing that has interested me was, how do you forgive someone for doing something really awful," asks Elizabeth Stuckey-French. "Is it possible?" She started musing over such karmic implications after discovering the book The Plutonium Files: America's Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War at the public […]

Chart a course for adventure: Tennis finds similarities between sailing and touring, drawing inspiration from the surf for their much-hyped debut.

Sea shanties

Most people start a band by posting a "drummer wanted" ad on Craigslist, or by organizing a jam session with their musician friends. Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, the husband-and-wife-duo known as Tennis, went sailing. On Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2008, Moore entered a post on the couple's blog, WhiteSatinGloves.blogspot.com explaining "our decision to sell all […]