All things considered: Self-appointed expert in all subjects John Hodgman has been a literary agent, a human computer and a deranged millionaire. "I have pretty much faked every bit of trivia I know,” he tells Xpress. Photo by Brantley Gutierrez


It's possible that, like Encyclopedia Britannica, the Bible and any book of astrology, a reader can open John Hodgman's That Is All to any page and come face to face with a life-changing revelation. Such as, "If someone gives you a gift in KOREA, it is expected that you will first refuse it by throwing […]

Sneaker speaker: 11-year-old Weston Whitmire is a participant in the Muddy Sneakers program, an outdoor learning curriculum. He’s working with the Southern Highlands Reserve to create a kid’s park.

The X factor: Two WNC-based TEDx events offer local platform for big ideas — Nov. 13 and 15

Though the name sounds like some sort of futuristic delivery service, TEDx is, actually, a set of conferences based on the TED model owned by private nonprofit The Sapling Foundation. TED is an acronym for Technology Entertainment and Design; the "x" represents an independently organized TED event. And this year, WNC has two. When TED […]