Mariano deGuzman and Grace Gouin of upstart Appalatch show off their new line of shirts made of Rambouillet wool, and sewn locally.

Sustainabl­e style

Fashion contains, within its definition, a nod to newness and immediacy. But it’s also based in custom and convention, and in industry. The hillside community known as Chicken Hill — a grouping of homes, a clubhouse, a church — lodged the workers (and their families) employed at the C. E. Graham Manufacturing Company’s cotton mill […]

Bookends: Author Jill McCorkle says that in her latest novel she was “interested in representing that intersection of life and death.”

One life to live

“To be in the middle of a novel that’s going somewhere is the best feeling,” says North Carolina-born author Jill McCorkle. That’s definitely the case for readers, but McCorkle is talking about writing. Specifically, about writing Life After Life, her first novel in 17 years. Not that McCorkle (who attended the University of North Carolina, […]

Bubble boy: Josh Rouse says that raising children and living in Spain keeps him in his own bubble. But it’s also kept him away from the ‘80s music trend, and allowed him to craft the pop songs and easy beats of his new album, Happiness Waltz. Photo by Allen Clark

The golden mean

Even though the music industry has changed drastically in the last decade or so, there’s still a certain career trajectory expectation: Make a great album, attract some label interest, tour in support of a big-name act, land a choice commercial spot/movie soundtrack/late show appearance, work up to headliner status, sell out a stadium, etc. Josh […]

Onward and upward

"Funk reigns supreme!" wrote local electronic funk/rock band The Fritz in a recent website post. "Music unites us in an unprecedented way, regardless of extraneous conditions." They've parlayed both that sense of unity (as a social concept and as a musical style, marrying funk, soul, groove, jazz and improv) into new album, Bootstrap. The band […]

Asheville-based GearTrack recovers stolen instruments

Working musicians have enough of a struggle without worrying about losing their instruments and equipment to theft. And yet, that happens all too often. In response to the theft of a special banjo, sisters-in-law Molly Nagel-Driessen and Bridget Driessen launched GearTrack, “an online musical instrument registry, organizational tool, exchange and communication platform for musicians of […]

Five Questions with Chris Simmons-attachment0

Five Questions with Chris Simmons

***UPDATE: THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED*** The Alabama-based guitarist is a former member of Leon Russell’s band and a tour de force as a solo act. He’ll play Emerald Lounge on Saturday, April 13. (The Chuck Beattie Band and Big Gene & Danny Lee’s Loud Pack also perform.) In advance of that show, Simmons talks about putting down roots, surprise musical faves (Foo Fighters and Bee Gees!) and how to beat the pre-show jitters. Photo courtesy of the musician.