Back to the future

Derek Vincent Smith of Colorado-based Pretty Lights (the electro-dance group of Smith and, currently, drummer Adam Dietch) says some people assume he uses samples because he can't write music. In fact, "The reason I sample the way I do is because I'm trying to make music that is combination of the cutting-edge and new-electronic styles, […]

Dauntless performs Dracula at the Masonic Lodge-attachment0

Dauntless performs Dracula at the Masonic Lodge

While the theatre-going experience is, first-and-foremost, about the play, there’s certainly something to be said for ambiance. And, in the case of Dauntless Productions’ performance of Dracula, I have to recommend the play to anyone with even a passing interest in Halloween/vampires/things spooky/the Masonic temple. See this show — which runs through Saturday, Oct. 30 — if only for the experience of being in the appropriately spooky auditorium of the Masonic Temple.