Bands must love Jack of the Wood: The downtown bar comes with a built-in crowd that often fills the venue to capacity on Friday and Saturday nights. But guaranteed crowd doesn't mean guaranteed supporters, so at a recent Honeycutters show, the relatively new country act made quick work of turning a room full of strangers […]

This weekend on a shoestring-attachment0

This weekend on a shoestring

It’s a light week, entertainment-wise, because most of you will be hangin with the fam, OD-ing on eggnog and watching “A Christmas Story” on repeat. But, rest assured, before anyone’s eye gets put out with a Red Ryder BB gun, there are local shows in the works. At budget prices. And yes, Virginia, even on Christmas night. (Bonus: Dawn of the Dude — pictured — plays a not-to-be-missed farewell show.)