Piping hot

Bagpipes have a distinctive sound — that reedy, pulse-racing, ear-splitting squawk; equal parts drone and melody — that make them hard to mistake and easy to classify. And, as Battlefield Band piper Mike Katz notes, "The standard dance forms for traditional bagpipe music, we're quite lucky in that there's probably about four or five different […]


Singer/songwriter, harmonica player and friend-to-the-stars G. Love (born Garrett Dutton, hence the "G") might wear his heart on his sleeve. He certainly has little hesitation in putting his likes, dislikes, thoughts and emotions out there for the world — at least in the forms of candid images, video clips and virtual sound bites. Social (networking) […]


"A lot of people think of themselves as entertainers; we don't," says traditional singer Sara Grey. "We think of what we do as sharing songs." Singalong: Sara Grey tours with her son, Kieron Means, and the two encourage audience participation at shows. Grey is talking about her performances with her son, guitarist and singer Kieron […]