Smart bets: The Slide Brothers

Most musicians are lucky to get props for shredding or ripping or killing it. But Nashville/Atlanta/Rochester N.Y.-based blues, rock and soul act The Slide Brothers have been dubbed “godfathers of the electric church,” “masters of the sacred steel” and “the greatest living musicians who embody the sacred steel tradition.” Aubrey Ghent, Calvin Cooke, Chuck Campbell […]

BET MattTownsend

Smart bets: Matt Townsend

Musician Matt Townsend spent two years writing songs in secret before going public with his work in 2010. “Initially busking on the streets of Burlington, Vt. and playing local coffeehouses, he soon began hitting the stages of clubs and venues around the Burlington area,” says Townsend’s press release. He released a solo EP, performed in […]

BET Fireside Collective

Smart bets: Fireside Collective

If the best marriages are forged by those who are friends first and romantic partners later, perhaps the same can said of bands. Local roots outfit Fireside Collective was formed by singer-songwriter Jesse Ianquinto with Johanna Hagarty, Tommy Maher, Josh Bertram and Carson White — a group of friends-turned-bandmates. The quintet recorded its debut album, […]

GROWING PAINS: “I’m aware of what a rare treasure it is to not have to go to a publisher and defend the idea of writing a 500-page novel about a spinster who studies moss,” says Elizabeth Gilbert, author of best-selling memoir Eat, Pray, Love. Her new novel is her first work of fiction in more than a decade.

The constant gardener: Author Elizabeth Gilbert returns to Asheville with a work of period fiction

The Signature of All Things, the most recent book by Elizabeth Gilbert, begins in the 1700s and sweeps through much of the 19th century. Spanning Europe, Tahiti and pre-Civil War Pennsylvania, it frames several generations of the Whittaker family in the context of botanical exploration. But the ambitious novel, now out in paperback, had an […]

BET Reckless Abandon Wrath of God

Smart bets: Reckless Abandon

Local muralist Gus Cutty brings together fellow aerosol artists Trek 6, Ishmael, Ted Harper, Topr, Melt FTK and Big Bertha in the group show Reckless Abandon. It’s an exhibit than concerns itself as much with aesthetics as with social issues: “In this extremely sensitive period of Asheville’s growth from obscure mountain town to premier tourist […]


The Nude Party’s “Wild Coyote”

Boone-based psyche-rockers The Nude Party just released their first video, “Wild Coyote.” The song is the first single from the band’s forthcoming album, Forbidden Fruits. Interested in helping The Nude Party print that record? Donate here. Note: The video contains some images that may be objectionable to some viewers and, as the band’s name suggests, […]

BET XavierRudd

Smart bets: Xavier Rudd

Part multi-instrumentalist, part mythical creature, singer-songwriter/surfer/environmentalist/cultural activist Xavier Rudd took the didgeridoo from tribal instrument to legitimate dance club beat-maker. The musician, who lives in Australia, “gradually refined his globally influenced collage of world music — a matchless mixture of reggae, funk, blues, folk, and nearly every other sort of song with the ability to […]