Protect your skin: Commercial sunscreens give some people pause. Try making a homemade version to avoid questionable ingredients. Photo by Rich Orris

Post-Consumer Pantry

A few weeks ago I had a lively discussion about sunscreen on Twitter. My friends are as befuddled as I am — is sunscreen an essential part of summer, or do the chemicals in commercial tubes cause cancer? Is it worse to get a sunburn or put unpronounceable ingredients on your skin every day? Conflicting […]

Where's the broccoli? A CFSA study found that there is not enough organic produce to meet customer demand in the Carolinas. New Sprout Organic Farms owner Michael Porterfield says that finding pristine land is one of the main challenges facing organic growers. Photo by Michael Porterfield

Farm & Garden

Organic demands The old economic theory of supply and demand is at the core of the organic food movement. When consumers seek out organic produce, they fuel the local food network and put money in farmers' pockets. But what if there isn't enough organic food to go around? A recent study by the Carolina Farm […]