Red carpet ready: Now in its seventh year, the annual Music Video Asheville celebrates local musicians and filmmakers with 90 minutes of visuals, along with networking and prizes. Photo by Natasha Meduri

Screen shot

Music Video Asheville goes big Music Video Asheville is having a banner year. The local event, which marks its seventh year on Wednesday, April 16, received a record number of submissions and moved into a new venue. Produced for the third year in a row by Kelly Denson and Jason Guadagnino of Asheville’s Lush Life […]

Boys & girls clubs: Local sketch comedy troupes performing at Carolina Sketchfest include all-male group Feral Chihuahuas and all-female group LYLAS. Offstage members from the two teams have worked together on LaZoom and on video projects, and there’s even one intertroupe romance. Photos courtesy of the artists

Funny business

It’s no secret that the Internet has changed the way we consume entertainment. And sketch comedy, with its compact, easily digestible format, is tailor-made for sharing on social media. Get on Facebook, and there’s a three-minute clip from Portlandia. Log on to Twitter, and someone’s passing around a Key & Peele skit. In a way, […]

A fine how do you do: For its debut performance, Knights of Allentown (with Art Moore and Lauren Rivas, seen here) put a revisionist spin on a Shakespearean classic, transplanting Twelfth Night into the swinging London of the 1960s. Photo courtesy of the theater company

Night life

“It started with a passion project — me wanting to do Twelfth Night — and finding some means to make it happen,” explains Ken Knight who, with the help of co-producer Bonnie Allen, has formed Knights of Allentown, a new theater company with an enthusiastic approach to the arts. The group’s first production is of […]

No biz like showbiz: Jacqueline Collison-Canney plays Annie Oakley in Annie Get Your Gun. Asheville Community Theatre’s mainstage opener is showing through Sunday, Oct. 13. Photo by Tommy Propest

Welcome to the gun show

Big, brash Broadway-style musicals aren’t up everyone’s alley — when people gnash their teeth about musicals, they’re usually railing against gaudy showtunes. What’s interesting is that this kind of passionate, misinformed point-of-view often creates an equally fanatical set of theatergoers on the other end of the spectrum — the kind who adore big dance numbers, […]

Review and photos: Danny Brown and Kitty-attachment0

Review and photos: Danny Brown and Kitty

I read somewhere once long ago about Steve Albini’s thoughts on live music. Basically, he posited, there are two kinds of artists — those who care only about the live show and use their recordings as a document of them, and, of course, vice versa. Brown falls somewhere closer to the former. It’s just him, a microphone, his DJ Skywlkr and a whole, whole lot of energy. Photos by Rich Orris

Justin Souther at Toronto International Film Festival Part Four

The painting of Dale Earnhardt in the Atlanta airport was somehow refreshing, a reminder that I’d made it back to America. I’d become more than a bit homesick while in Toronto, which says nothing about my feelings towards Canada, but much more about how little I travel, and how easy it becomes for me to miss my routines at home.

Justin Souther at Toronto International Film Festival Part Two

This trip to Toronto is the first time I’ve ever left The States, a fact that I’ve found is surprising to most. The city, in many respects, reminds of New York but less bustling and less intimidating. It’s a strange town in a way, too—a place that has adult cinemas, sex shops, and male strip clubs across the street and up the block a bit from the American Apparel. What’s oddest is that it all seems to fit, and no one—at least from my experience—seems to mind.

Film Critic Justin Souther at the Toronto International Film Festival

For the next week, the Xpress’ own Justin Souther will be whiling away his time at the Toronto International Film Festival—getting, in many cases, an early look at what we’ll be seeing in Asheville during awards season (which is just about upon us). Since the rest of us are stuck here—holding down the fort, as it were—while world-traveler Justin is awash in movies and hob-nobbing with the famous, he has promised to send us updates on his experiences. This is the first.  —Ken Hanke

ActionFest 2011 recap and podcast

While the official end to ActionFest came Sunday night, after the film festival’s closing night screening of Takashi Miike’s 13 Assassins at The Carolina Asheville, it unofficially wound down Monday night behind the building of West Asheville’s Blue Barnhouse studio. There, a handful of people caught a screening of Evan Glodell’s pre-Apocalyptic love story Bellflower, projected on a bed sheet pegged to a couple of drainage pipes. Not far away was not only the film’s director, but also the star of the film, a matte black, fire-breathing muscle car named Mother Medusa. As a whole, this was not only the perfect finale for ActionFest 2011, but a pin-point summation of it, too, with its mix of the community driven and the unorthodox.