For your information

This Independence Day marks 47 years since the landmark Freedom of Information Act was signed into federal law, yet Americans are still distrustful of government. A 2013 Pew Research Center poll showed that only 26 percent of Americans surveyed say they can trust government in Washington "almost always or most of the time" — among […]

I’m going Gray

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to vote for a candidate as refreshing and inspiring as Lael Gray. This July, I kept waiting for a candidate I could wholeheartedly support to come along. While I have closely monitored local political races for years, Lael is the only Asheville City Council candidate who has […]

Redistricting, gerrymandering and power-attachment0

Redistricting, gerrymandering and power

“Let’s be candid: this is all about power.” Those were the words of Bob Orr, executive director of North Carolinians for Constitutional Law and a former North Carolina gubernatorial candidate and Supreme Court Judge. Orr was one of three speakers to address the 50 to 60 people who attended the free screening of the documentary film, Gerrymandering, at UNC Asheville’s Reuter Center June 16.

Sit! Establishing clear expectations and boundaries for your pet leads to a healthier pet, says dog trainer Heather Polechio. photos by Jake Frankel

A pet primer

As a professional dog walker, my pet-care motto is: “When in doubt, wear them out.” Exercise makes a difference for your pet. It helps keep Fido or Garfield at a healthy weight, which prevents such debilitating health problems as arthritis and diabetes — just a few problems that plague overweight pets. Exercise and mental stimulation […]