Commentary a disgusting­, racist rant

Robert Woolley’s commentary (“Profiles in suspicion, ” July 19, Xpress) is a disgusting, racist rant from someone whose worldview is clearly very deeply steeped in white supremacy — a fact of which he seems incomprehensibly oblivious. Woolley seems to have no understanding of the ways the criminal justice system, the police and the prison-industrial complex […]

Availabili­ty of specialty spirits is alive and well

In response to Jonathan Ammons’ article “Handcuffed: Local Bartenders Decry ABC Law Restrictions” [July 9, Xpress], the availability of specialty spirits is alive and well. North Carolina’s alcohol control system is indeed conservative. Reforms are slow and deliberate, but many will argue that the system is a good balance of consumption and control. For example, […]

Skateboard­ing article was riveting

Thank you to Cameron Huntley  for a beautifully written story [“Poetic Mayhem at Thrashville:  The Secret World of WNC Skateboarding,” July 9, Xpress].  I didn’t expect that my interest would be held through a long article about skateboarding, but I was riveted. Poetic, lyrical and emotionally gripping, it was a work of art.  I’ll be […]

Include prices in food reviews

Conspicuously absent from Jonathan Ammons’ review of Vue 1913 at the Grove Park Inn [“Post-tablecloth dining at Vue 1913,” June 18, Xpress] was any mention of prices. By contrast, Gina Smith’s Small Bites feature offered price information for four of the establishments/events mentioned in her articles, as well as pricing information for her article on […]

Cowgirl mural is misogynist­ic

Misogyny is a term of broad, sometimes elusive rudiment. Some attempt to ascribe individual acts to it, when actually its core meaning represents something more symbolic, sociological. The mural portraying a cowgirl on the side of a building at 99 Riverside Drive, north of the River Arts District, is misogynistic because it depicts a woman […]

Wishing the Hamils a fond farewell

Thanks to Robyn Josephs for her acknowledgment, on behalf of the Black Mountain area’s healthy, local foods community, of the long service Elaine (and Harry) Hamil provided to us [“Hamil Made Black Mountain Farmers Market Work,” June 11, Xpress]. Instead of trudging down I-40 to Asheville and long before Ingles decided to compete on the […]