Take the Turkey Tour on LaZoom’s big purple bus

Imagine this: It’s Thanksgiving week, your family’s visiting and you’ve all got cabin fever. According to the folks at LaZoom Tours, that’s the time to jump onboard Asheville’s “rolling theater” for a holiday special that lets you laugh your turkey off. LaZoom’s “Turkey Tour” is a two-hour ride on a purple biodiesel bus staffed by […]

The Green Scene

Environmental awards have been piling up like fall leaves around here. Xpress thought you might like to know who’s been winning what, and why. Asheville’s got (compressed) gas Eight years ago this month, Mark Combs persuaded Asheville’s City Council to add natural-gas-fueled vehicles to its fleet. The public-works director argued that grants were available for […]

Garden Journal

See you in the spring: Alas, this week’s feature article, “Do Not Disturb,” marks the season’s end for our gardening section, The Dirt. Till next March, we’ll put it out to pasture or—as author Cinthia Milner would have it—let it go dormant and hang our “Do not disturb” sign. In my own garden, I’ve hastened […]

Garden Journal

Open at your own risk: If you’ve opened a bag of Genetically Modified seed, you’ve agreed to the terms of the seed company’s licensing agreement or contract—so read the small print. Those are two of the many warnings and highlights released by the Rural Advancement Foundational International in its “Farmers’ Guide to GMO Contracts.” The […]

Garden Journal

Bonsai!: This weekend, think small. The North Carolina Arboretum is hosting the Carolina Bonsai Expo on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 11 and 12. The Expo features juried exhibits by bonsai enthusiasts from throughout the Southeast, as well as unique workshops, demonstrations and a bonsai market. The event includes a live demo: “With the help of […]

Outdoor Journal

Protecting our trout waters: Should the Boylston Creek (Henderson and Tranyslvania counties) and Fines Creek (Haywood County) watersheds be reclassified as protected trout waters? Tell North Carolina officials what you think. Both creeks are currently classified as Class C—the state’s lowest protection level. The trout-water classification restricts nearby land-disturbing activities such as grading, clearing or […]