David Wilcox and Venice play Diana Wortham Theatre

When David Wilcox talks about the music business’s penchant for hype, his speaking voice is as subtly reproachful as a raised eyebrow — almost eerie in its disciplined calm. His singing voice, however, is an altogether different matter. Its mellow yet emotional resonance has most often drawn comparisons with James Taylor, but Wilcox shrugs them […]

A crash course in miracles

“There’s no dialogue,” says Ron McIntyre-Fender, adding, “In auditioning for a role like Helen Keller, you look for someone with pure gut instincts.” The director of Asheville Community Theatre’s version of William Gibson’s The Miracle Worker goes on to stress the unusual challenge facing the winner of that role. “It has to be someone that […]

Showing some love

“When I was going to high school, we had Black History Month, but the only folks we learned about were George Washington Carver, Harriet Tubman [and] Martin Luther King Jr,” recalls performance poet Glenis Redmond Sherer. “There are elements of our community that have been kept away from the public.” The poet has built a […]