Sylvia van Meerten is organizing Empower Autism’s first conference, Autism and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Autism and happiness

When it comes to services for children and adults with autism, Asheville offers an array of resources from vocational programs to mentoring to support for families. However, according to Sylvia van Meerten, founder of Empower Autism, there is a gap when it comes to teaching individuals on the autism spectrum how to be happy. “I […]

photo by Nick King

True stories

Karen, a former New York City probation officer who is about five-feet-nothing in height, has a big presence. Her New York accent is as thick as weekend traffic on the Long Island Expressway. She seems tough. Someone who’s seen a few things in her time. Someone you don’t mess with. Yet when she’s done telling […]

CREATIVE LICENSE: Chef Brian Canipelli gets to unleash his imagination on the late-night menu at Cucina24. Pork belly was recently featured among the ever-changing options. Photo by Michael Franco

Late-night bites

In this installment of correspondent Michael Franco’s continuing exploration of Asheville’s late-night dining scene, he checks out the offerings at Cucina24. Late-night hours: 10:30 p.m.-1 or 2 a.m. Dishes: $3-10 Some late-night menus are designed to suit the venue, while others are designed to suit the clientele. The month-old late-night menu at Cucina24 in downtown […]

NIGHTTIME GNOSH: A downsized version of the best-selling charcuterie plate graces Storm’s late-night menu. Photo by Michael Franco.

Late-night bites

Editor’s note: Michael Franco has explored dining options that have recently appeared on the late-night scene. This installment investigates Storm Rhum Bar & Bistro’s after-hours offerings. The sun set hours ago. The early-to-bed set has retreated to their homes and hotel rooms, and the streets are left to the visitors, the vamps and the venturers […]