Putting on the pig: Pisgah’s Blind Pig porter will debut at Pisgah Brewing Company on Sunday, June 3.

Food fight at Pisgah

Engines revving, Asheville food trucks are idling at pole position. Fighting an eventually successful campaign to vend downtown may not have been enough to satisfy the food-truck owners’ taste for racing, it seems. Not content to quietly feed tacos, barbecue sandwiches and falafel to the masses, they’ve turned on each other. In a test of […]

Salmonella in Asheville tempeh came from outside source, says Dept. of Agriculture (updated)

Today, the Buncombe County Department of Health confirmed that the salmonella discovered in Smiling Hara tempeh matches the Paratyphi B strain that has sickened 46 people. Although all Smiling Hara products have been removed from restaurants and stores, the case number rises every day, mostly from person-to-person contact. UPDATE: The salmonella has been identified as originating from the starter culture used in the tempeh-making process.