Almost 3 million North Carolinians cast ballots in early voting, Civitas Institute estimates

Press release

from the Civitas Institute

The Civitas Institute’s NC Vote Tracker ( allows you to analyze the trends as the final early voting statistics roll in.

Every day, updates official early voting statistics and puts them into an easy-to-use format. NC Vote Tracker illuminates the voting by county, party, legislative districts, race and gender.

As of Monday, Nov. 5, NC Vote Tracker showed that 2,738,943 people had cast ballots in early voting. Of that total, 31.44 percent were registered Republican, 47.68 percent were Democratic, 20.66 percent unaffiliated, and 0.22 percent Libertarian.

NC Vote Tracker also showed that, at the same point in the 2008 election, 2,618,419 votes had been tabulated. Then 30.01 percent were registered Republicans, 51.52 percent were Democrats, 18.4 percent were unaffiliated, and 0.07 percent were Libertarian.

NC Vote Tracker will continue to tally the early ballots, such as by-mail absentee ballots, and will update the Election Day totals as quickly as possible.

More information on the Civitas Institute is available at, or contact Civitas Election Analyst Susan Myrick or Communications Director Jim Tynen, both at (919) 834-2099.


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