Dobra Tea and Daoist Traditions team up for tea tasting and lecture about Chinese medicine

From the press release:

Learn about the ancient theory and practical application of Classical Chinese Medicine, experience the elusive ‘Qi’, and train your palate to distinguish the five flavors of tea that guide your body to health. Join Chinese Medical Interns from Daoist Traditions at a free lecture and tea tasting at Dobra Tea from 11am to 1pm on Sunday, August 19.

This lecture will illuminate the basics of Chinese Medicine as well as the distinctions between Classical and Traditional practice. There will also be an easily accessible experience of ‘Qi’, whereby folks will gain a personal perspective on the term translated variously as energy, relationship, or vitality. After the discussions, there will be Q+A as well as explanations of pulse and tongue diagnosis by the interns.

Before the lectures, you will have an opportunity to taste several teas that express one of the five flavors used in Chinese Medical Herbology to communicate with the body toward balance and homeostasis. This talk will be led by esteemed practitioner and director of the Daoist Traditions College Clinic, Josephine Spilka. Tea samples provided by Dobra Tea as well as the apothecary of Daoist Traditions will be provided free of charge to those who are interested in tuning into the subtle but strong sensation of taste.

Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts, located in Montford, is an educational environment centered around the Daoist principles of self-knowledge as a means to healing. The school was founded by renowned Chinese Medical practitioners, Jeffrey Yuen, Cissy Majebe and other leaders in the field. The Daoist Traditions College Clinic on South French Broad Avenue focuses on inviting the body to health through high quality, personalized and affordable care.

Dobra Tea is located at 78 North Lexington Avenue in Asheville.


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