Eater Philly discusses New Belgium’s decision to land in Asheville

From Eater Philadelphia:

“After years of deliberation, New Belgium Brewing Company has decided to expand in Asheville, North Carolina, and not Philadelphia. As recently as late last year, New Belgium narrowed the selection down to Philadelphia and Asheville. The $175 million expansion is the first in the company’s history, which is based in Fort Collins, Colorado. New Belgium announced that the new venture will bring 150 new jobs to Asheville.

Earlier this year, Sierra Nevada also announced an expansion in the same little town of Asheville, which boasts a population of just under 75,000. What this means is that the second largest craft brewery (Sierra Nevada) and the third largest (New Belgium) just turned Asheville into the new hub of craft production on the East Coast.

This decision comes as a huge shock to locals in the beer industry, as most believed Sierra’s decision to go to NC would help sway New Belgium up our direction.”


0 thoughts on “Eater Philly discusses New Belgium’s decision to land in Asheville

  1. Barry Summers

    “I’m sure there will be some backlash in the community against their brand. This is Philly, and we’re a beer town. It’s what we do.”

    Wow. Sour grapes make wine, not beer, dude.

  2. bill smith

    I like Philly, but I can’t say I’ve ever thought of them or heard of anyone else thinking of them as a ‘east coast hub for brewing’.

    When I think of Philly I think of crippling, systemic poverty and The Roots.

  3. Barry Summers

    Now if Asheville tried to declare itself the home of greasy cheesesteak sandwiches, they’d have reason to squawk…

    • bill smith

      Well, at least Asheville hasn’t stolen Philly’s slogan yet: “Philadelphia: we aren’t nearly as bad as Baltimore.”

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