Gun-rights group wants Rep. Chuck McGrady out of office

From the Times-News:

A political advocacy group is promising “payback” in this year’s election against state Rep. Chuck McGrady and other North Carolina lawmakers they view as soft on pro-gun laws.

Grass Roots North Carolina, an all-volunteer organization whose main focus is preserving the right to keep and bear arms, has labeled McGrady, former state Rep. David Guice and House GOP leader Paul “Skip” Stam as the “three weasels of the North Carolina House” for what it views as the Republican trio’s role in weakening an omnibus gun bill signed into law in December.


0 thoughts on “Gun-rights group wants Rep. Chuck McGrady out of office

  1. Dionysis

    Yeah, what’s up with those Republicans anyway? Imagine, thinking that property owners should have to right to ban firearms from their own properties. The gun nut crowd, who may not know anything about the Constitution beyond the 2nd Amendment, want to make sure that they can enjoy the unfettered right to waltz around in family recreation centers, schools and wherever else they wish. Their ‘personal property rights’ (guns) obviously trump anyone elses.

    As an aside, the gun-worshippers’ guru leading the charge asked “if you wanted to run a privately owned store and ban minorities, could you do it?

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