Mora jewelry boutique announces new ownership

Press Release

Mora Designer Jewelry

Marthe Le Van and Joanna Gollberg, founders of the contemporary jewelry boutique Mora, are pleased to announce the transition of their award-winning retail store from an equal partnership to sole ownership by Marthe Le Van beginning January 1, 2014.

Joanna Gollberg’s distinctive jewelry will continue to be a highlight of Mora’s inventory. Marthe Le Van is currently curating a selection of new jewelers to feature with Joanna Gollberg at Mora, and she will introduce their lines in the coming year.

“This evolution enables Mora to offer its customers a wider variety of unique designs and a deeper view of great contemporary jewelry,” says Le Van. “Today’s community of independent jewelers is stronger than ever, and the time is ripe for this wonderful change. I am very excited about the future and look forward to bringing these new, exceptional jewelers to Asheville and enriching Mora with an even wider range of stylish designs.”

“I was thrilled and proud to develop and be a part of this remarkable venture with Marthe,” says Gollberg, “But in conjunction with my other responsibilities, the challenges of co-owning a retail store proved too overwhelming. The obligations were too great for me to fully give my time in a manner that was necessary for the store’s continued growth, and for my own and my family’s.”

In the new year, Gollberg’s plans include “re-organizing my jewelry business and studio, finding new sales venues for my multiple jewelry lines, making more fabulous jewelry, and continuing to work with individual clients and current galleries. I will persist in determining the perfect balance of work, family, and self.”

Since opening in March 2012, Mora has garnered a loyal following and national media attention.


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