News-Record Editorial: Asheville water fight bears close watching

Editorial from the Greensboro News-Record

Asheville is fighting to keep its municipal water system and avoid a soaking. But the state legislature has the last word.

Other cities should tune in to this drama playing out in the water-wealthy mountain community.

While Asheville operates its own water system, wastewater service is handled by a Metropolitan Sewerage District that covers all of Buncombe County. A legislative study committee reported last year that combining systems could achieve efficiencies, and a bill passed this summer would authorize a sewerage district to exercise “any power” of a city water system. The measure, pushed by Rep. Tim Moffitt, R-Buncombe, and Rep. Chuck McGrady, R-Henderson, was seen as a prelude to a merger. But some critics suspect the ultimate goal is to privatize water services in Asheville. Moffitt and McGrady deny it, but much of this story seems to lie beneath the surface.


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