Press release: Local ladies startup launches alchemy center on Indiegogo

Local ladies startup launches alchemy center on Indiegogo

From Emmy Bethel and business partner Ashley Kuper:

Chinese Medicine is an elusive practice in the United States and still bares the stigma of mysticism and maybe even seem a little voo-doo-ish to some. This is why Bethel and Kuper are building Alchemy – to be a center of information and education on the practices, herbs and benefits of this ancient medicine, with their own twist of course.

Both Bethel and Kuper feel that good health can be fostered in many ways, which is why they plan to offer various treatments, foods, teas and so much more. “Alchemy will be a space dedicated to healing, balance, fun and education for the community with a focus on providing affordable, innovative and whole healthcare”.

The shop will have several attractions including an acupuncture center with the aim of offering “The community an outlet to discover the benefits” of the practice and a tea room which the pair “See … as sort of a bridge between worlds… It will simply be a new space in town where you are just going to want to come to and linger. No need for any interest in acupuncture or herbs required. No one will be proselytizing the virtues of Chinese medicine. Everything will be standalone delicious and if your interest becomes sparked, we will be there ready to answer any questions that you may have”.

Bethel talked with Bad Wolf Syndicate’s Social Media Manager, Annelise Kopp, about the feature most dear to her heart, the apothecary. “Currently, it is difficult to find Chinese herbs that are domestically grown. It is one of our main goals … to see that change. We … are so proud of our community’s local and organically based farming efforts. We now want to be a driving force that makes growing Chinese herbs a viable local farming venture. We are establishing relationships with farmers here who are already growing Chinese herbs and are thrilled to help those operations flourish along with us”.

The campaign for Alchemy is listed on Indiegogo and needs to raise a minimum of $45,000.00 to finish the job and open the doors. To support and learn more about Bethel and Kuper and their Alchemy project please visit the campaign here:


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