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I am happy to offer this incredible Migun Bed at the awesome price of $1622. This bed has only been used for private, limited use. It is in excellent working condition!!! Come see for yourself. You will not be disappointed!!! Please call for pictures. Thank you, Pam

The Migun HY-7000 UM is the cutting edge in Thermal Massage Beds. The 7000 series is designed to provide a full thermal-massage treatment from head-to-toe. It has seven different operating modes.

This system represents the fusion of Asian and Western Medical techniques. It is inspired by the effects of Acupressure, Acupuncture, Heat-Therapy(Moxibustion), Chiropractic, and Massage. The MIGUN Thermal Massage System provides you with total health, relaxation and balance.

MASSAGE The simple, ancient practice of muscle manipulation as a means of promoting proper blood-flow, muscle relaxation and flexibility. Massage is well known by all medical practitioners to ease chronic muscle pain, speed recovery from injuries, improve rest, and concentration, and promote a general sense of well-being.

ACUPRESSURE INSPIRED Hand and finger pressure applied to specific pressure-points; restoring proper pathways and flushing out toxins that have built up during the imbalance. Migun uses the body& it's own weight to achieve this same effect.

ACUPUNCTURE INSPIRED Migun uses a unique combination of helium gas bulbs and jade massage heads to create infrared rays that stimulate Acupressure points 7 centimeters deep in tissues.

HEAT-THERAPY (MOXIBUSTION) The use of heat to stimulate blood flow and tissue response, also encourages overall muscle relaxation, relieves pain, and releases pollutants trapped in the musculature

CHIROPRACTIC INSPIRED The simple principle that the body can heal itself when its systems are properly aligned and allowed to operate without impediment, signified by the health and proper alignment of the spine as the core of the entire body.

Massage Modes

For Full-length massage and therapeutic treatment specific to the back, waist and legs

For the Upper back and legs.

For the Lower back and legs

For a deep finger pressure treatment. (Each massage head pauses at various acupressure points to provide stimulation.)

For a full length massage without deep plessure therapy' (No pause for pressure)

For abdomen area only. (A continuous and soothing massage while lying on your stomach.)

For a deeper linger pressure treatment. (Each massage headpauses longer than P4 mode.) (On/y available on the UM)

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