Writer Colleen Kelly Mellor appears, with her natural, ashen, curly locks.

Asheville Under Glass: Silverlocks

When the lights go up following an afternoon movie in cinemas across Asheville, one notes a sea of white, silver and pewter atop the heads of moviegoers. That view makes me ever-so-comfortable. But my comfort didn’t come naturally. I wrestled with it for years — whether or not to continue bleaching my hair the blonde […]

Boys & girls clubs: Local sketch comedy troupes performing at Carolina Sketchfest include all-male group Feral Chihuahuas and all-female group LYLAS. Offstage members from the two teams have worked together on LaZoom and on video projects, and there’s even one intertroupe romance. Photos courtesy of the artists

Funny business

It’s no secret that the Internet has changed the way we consume entertainment. And sketch comedy, with its compact, easily digestible format, is tailor-made for sharing on social media. Get on Facebook, and there’s a three-minute clip from Portlandia. Log on to Twitter, and someone’s passing around a Key & Peele skit. In a way, […]