Elitist Bastards: 13 Bastards on Stranger Tides

Elitist Bastards: 13 Bastards on Stranger Tides-attachment0

In this week’s Elitist Bastards Go To The Movies podcast, Mountain Xpress film critics Ken Hanke and Justin Souther discuss current releases Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, The Double Hour and 13 Assassins. The duo also discuss Dario Argento’s bewildering Inferno (this week’s Thursday Horror Picture Show) and Frank Borzage’s 7th Heaven (next week’s Asheville Film Society screening) before moving on to their thoughts on upcoming releases Kung Fu Panda 2 and The Hangover Part II.

Podcast produced/cohered by Steve Shanafelt. The theme music is “1832” by E. Lee. Art by Jeremy Dylan. The Elitist Bastards podcast is also available on the iTunes store as a free download.

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11 thoughts on “Elitist Bastards: 13 Bastards on Stranger Tides

  1. Justin Souther

    Is Michael Bay coming to Asheville too?

    Is that who that is? I thought it was sunburnt Christian Bale.

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