Elitist Bastards: Jason Vs Hannah and Her Sisters

Elitist Bastards: Jason Vs Hannah and Her Sisters-attachment0

Ready for another rambling podcast about movies? We thought you might be. In this episode, Hanke and Souther are joined by Australian filmmaker Jeremy Dylan to talk about Hannah and Her Sisters, Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI, the Auteur Theory and other random movie-related topics.

As always, Elitist Bastards is not work safe due to language.

Download the podcast here!

Intro music: “Famous” by Johnny Leroy & The Impulsives, from the film Benjamin Sniddlegrass and the Cauldron of Penguins, courtesy of Jeremy Dylan. Podcast produced/cohered by Steve Shanafelt.

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10 thoughts on “Elitist Bastards: Jason Vs Hannah and Her Sisters

  1. Ken Hanke

    And I know there’s Bastard Art. Now, when Shanghai Steve gets it up (in a way of speaking) is another matter.

  2. Jeremy Dylan

    Shanghai Steve did a commendable job. I’m sure he does every week, but I really appreciate when I know what he had to cohere down.

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