Elitist Bastards: Return of the Bastards

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Five months ago, film reviewers Ken Hanke and Justin Souther decided it was time to take a break from podcasting. The stress of being in the internet limelight was simply to much for them to bear. But now, still suffering from the wicked withdrawal symptoms of not talking informally for about movies on a weekly basis, the boys have dragged themselves back from the brink and resurrected the Elitist Bastards Go to the Movies. Warning: If the title of the show wasn’t enough of a clue, Elitist Bastards is not work safe due to language and buffoonery.

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Presented by Ken Hanke, Justin Souther and Steve Shanafelt. Image by Jeremy Dylan.

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14 thoughts on “Elitist Bastards: Return of the Bastards

    • Steve Shanafelt

      I don’t know how anyone else feels about it, but I deeply miss the old theme song. It just doesn’t feel like the it’s really the Bastards without “1832.”

  1. Ken Hanke

    I’m not complaining about them. They just don’t feel bastardly enough for me.

    For aesthetic appreciation, always a little time.

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