Elitist Bastards: The end of the Bastards

Elitist Bastards: The end of the Bastards-attachment0

In this final episode of Elitist Bastards Go to the Movies, Xpress film reviewers Ken Hanke and Justin Souther talk about the death of iconic filmmaker Ken Russell, heap praise on Hugo and reflect on the end of their podcast series.

Podcast produced/cohered by Steve Shanafelt. The theme music is “1832” by E. Lee.


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17 thoughts on “Elitist Bastards: The end of the Bastards

  1. Ken Hanke

    “Paul wasn’t the Walrus — I was just saying that to be nice — but I was really the Walrus!”

  2. Ken Hanke

    Your time frame is tricky for me (unless you can do it by phone) and generally impossible for Justin most of the time. But I am not against the idea, though I’m a few viewings shy of a list yet.

  3. Will Lugar

    This was somewhat disappointing news. I rather enjoyed Ken and Justin’s witty banter, as well as the chance to hear Ken *audibly* complain about bad movies. Was I the only one? I might have been the only one.

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