Local D-Day Vet recalls harrowing tales on WWNC

Local D-Day Vet recalls harrowing tales on WWNC-attachment0

Black Mountain veteran Andy Andrews appeared as a guest on local talk radio today to mark the 68th anniversary of the D-Day invasion in World War Two. Andrews served during D-Day as part of the Army’s First Infantry Division and participated in the invasion’s third wave, assaulting the Normandy beaches from amphibious craft after a night-time boat ride across the English Channel. 

Andrews, 88, appeared on the Pete Kaliner Show, part of the afternoon programing on News Radio 570AM WWNC. Kaliner devoted more than an hour to the veteran’s stories and bookended segments with audio recordings made on D-Day, including reports from the beach and a prayer by President Franklin Roosevelt.

Among many gruesome tales, Andrews recalled helping a German soldier who had surrendered to him after wounding Andrews with a grenade.  The German gave Andrews a golden cross, which he brought to the studio today. 

Podcasts of the broadcast are available on WWNC’s website.



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