Twitter coverage: 11th Annual Asheville Metro Economic Outlook

This post provides tweet-by-tweet twitter-based coverage of the 11th Annual Asheville Metro Economic Outlook, which took place Wednesday evening, July 28, 2010. For a PDF of the presentation given by Parsec Financial, click here.

4:31 PM @michaelfmuller: I will be live-tweeting tonight’s Economic Outlook Thingy presented by the Asheville Chamber of Commerce, starting at 5pm.

4:32 PM @michaelfmuller: It takes place at the Diana Wortham Theatre. The public is invited.

4:58 PM @michaelfmuller: So news editor @mvwilliams and I are safely ensconced in the Diana Wortham Theatre, unlike everyone else — who are still waiting outside.

5:01 PM @michaelfmuller: We will be covering the Chamber’s Metro Economy Outlook Presentation, presented by Parsec Financial, with the hashtag #avlecon

5:07 PM @michaelfmuller: The Chamber Players are doing a final run-through of their featured dance number, “Put On A Happy Face”

5:08 PM @michaelfmuller: Running through the sound check. Check Check One Two Check Check.

5:13 PM @michaelfmuller: Just spoke with Tom Tveidt of Syneva Economics, who will present the local perspective of tonight’s presentation.

5:13 PM @michaelfmuller: Tom Tveidt of Syneva Economics:

5:26 PM @michaelfmuller: The Diana Wortham Theatre is filling up rapidly. Good thing we have VIP seating.

5:38 PM @michaelfmuller: 11th Annual Asheville Metro Economic Outlook begins. Roger James of Parsec Financial is speaking

5:40 PM @michaelfmuller: Parsec manages over $957 million dollars

5:41 PM @michaelfmuller: Rick Lutovsky, outgoing Chamber Prez, now speaking and introducing sponsors

5:42 PM @michaelfmuller: Lutovsky just mentioned Mountain Xpress and various other lesser sponsors

5:42 PM @michaelfmuller: Mayor Bellamy, Commissioner K. Ray Bailey & Wanda Greene (County Manager), Rep. Jane Whilden all recognized

5:43 PM @michaelfmuller: Recognizing EDC members and AVL Chamber members

5:44 PM @michaelfmuller: Dr. James Smith, Parsec’s Chiedf Economist, now being introduced. Over 35 years of experience, serves on Federal Reserve Board….

5:45 PM @michaelfmuller: Dr. James Smith now speaking.

5:46 PM @michaelfmuller: Dr. Smith writes a column for Bloomberg and the WSJ

5:47 PM @michaelfmuller: Positive economic growth forecasted for 2010-2012, only 20% chance of continued recession

5:48 PM @michaelfmuller: Unanimous from Fed Chiefs & Board of Guvs: “Do not worry about another recession this year, next year, or the year after.”

5:49 PM @michaelfmuller: Only a few things could derail this and cause another recession: 1) successful terrorist attack in domestic soil…

5:50 PM @michaelfmuller: “When you do not get on and shop, the economy falls to pieces.”

5:51 PM @michaelfmuller: 2) A natural disaster on a large scale, 2) a calamity with Iran that causes oil prices to spike, or 3) action by Congress

5:51 PM @michaelfmuller: Smith says biggest chance of recession rests with Congress.

5:52 PM @michaelfmuller: @Ashevegas: http: // economic forum

5:53 PM @michaelfmuller: If Congress lets tax cuts all revert to tax system of year 2000 at end of year, 60% of taxpayers will be hit, causing recession

5:53 PM @michaelfmuller: Higher taxes will cause recession, says Smith

5:54 PM @michaelfmuller: Smith is making economist jokes. People are laughing

5:55 PM @michaelfmuller: “Shop ‘til you drop until you fall to the floor. Rest a bit and then go shop some more.” -Smith

5:56 PM @michaelfmuller: Income and personal consumption is at record high for March, April and May.

5:57 PM @michaelfmuller: Recession began in December of 2007 and ended in May or June of last year

5:58 PM @michaelfmuller: Asheville is 171st largest metropolitan area in terms of economic contribution

5:59 PM @michaelfmuller: All of us put together in region created over 13 billion in wealth

6:00 PM @michaelfmuller: Smith recommending a book called “Manias, Panics, and Crashes” as the go-to text for understanding economy

6:01 PM @michaelfmuller: Current economy has very little in common with the Great Depression, economy growing for over a year now

6:02 PM @michaelfmuller: Business investments, exports, consumer spending all strong. Things are much better than you read

6:03 PM @michaelfmuller: Lutovsky now introducing Tom Tveidt

6:04 PM @mvwilliams: As smith’s positive pitch ends’ tom tveidt comes in with #s. Avl lost lots of jobs

6:05 PM @michaelfmuller: Cool graph of wiggly lines going up since 2009

6:05 PM @michaelfmuller: Lost between 10-20,000 workers during recession. Tveidt agrees recession has passed, on precipice of adding jobs

6:06 PM @michaelfmuller: Hickory, NC has 15.8% unemployment

6:07 PM @michaelfmuller: Another cool graph showing employment change looking back 1 year ago (to avoid seasonality)

6:07 PM @michaelfmuller: Asheville amongst the lowest unemployment in the state

6:08 PM @michaelfmuller: Demonstrating that the loss of jobs in area has almost stopped. Soon we will be adding jobs

6:09 PM @michaelfmuller: More wiggly lines. Most industries supplying growth are professional business services

6:09 PM @mvwilliams: Avl down 11000 jobs at recessiopn’s worst. Now within 600 of breaking even then adding jobs

6:09 PM @Ashevegas: Tveidt will also say the asheville region will continue to rely on health care and tourism sectors of economy

6:09 PM @michaelfmuller: North Carolina added 30,000 jobs last month

6:10 PM @LocalEdgeRadio: This all sounds like a US Chamber of Commerce infomercial. #avleco

6:11 PM @michaelfmuller: There are 292 metro areas adding jobs since June 2007

6:13 PM @mvwilliams: In 2008, 292 metro areas in u.s. adding jobs

6:13 PM @michaelfmuller: Strike that last bit. The point of this is that the last three years have been crappy

6:14 PM @michaelfmuller: More and more cities are adding jobs — 135 across the US — in the last 6 months

6:14 PM @mvwilliams: In june 2009 just 8 metros adding jobs

6:15 PM @mvwilliams: Correction biggest jobs lost in avl construct, manuf, pro & biz

6:15 PM @michaelfmuller: Heath Services only sector to not lose jobs in AVL metro

6:16 PM @mvwilliams: Growth now in govt, health & leisure&hospitality

6:16 PM @michaelfmuller: Blossom Dearie sings “Put On a Happy Face” http: //

6:17 PM @michaelfmuller: Job losses across all sectors slowing, huge increase in rate of government jobs.

6:18 PM @michaelfmuller: 5 consecutive months of econ growth in hospitatlity and hotels

6:19 PM @michaelfmuller: Significant structural change in terms of people moving here, “Domestic In-Migration”

6:20 PM @michaelfmuller: Existing home sales in AVL metro up last nine months, up 30%, home prices down 7%

6:21 PM @michaelfmuller: Unit sales have turned a corner

6:21 PM @michaelfmuller: Good lord this is exhausting

6:22 PM @michaelfmuller: Strange cartoon of old people on screen

6:22 PM @michaelfmuller: Home appreciation rates continue decline but at slower rate than Charlotte, Wilmington, West Palm Beach

6:42 PM @mvwilliams: Tveidt: job growth but very slow

6:24 PM @michaelfmuller: Finally job growth, but very slow Long way to 2007 employment

6:24 PM @michaelfmuller: Message here is that old people should not get too excited.

6:25 PM @michaelfmuller: AVL metro area had $792 million in exports in 2008, continues to grow despite other numbers

6:25 PM @michaelfmuller: Relying on traditional strengths: healthcare, tourism. manufacturing

6:26 PM @michaelfmuller: Real estate market permanently altered, new demographic

6:27 PM @michaelfmuller: Fewer rich people coming from Florida. Buyers looking for value

6:28 PM @michaelfmuller: New opportrunities: worker afforedability, workforce potential

6:28 PM @michaelfmuller: AVL workforce not typical unemployed, more highly skilled

6:28 PM @mvwilliams: New opportunities, including workforce housing

6:29 PM @michaelfmuller: What effect will run up on national debt have on WNC?

6:29 PM @michaelfmuller: Dr. Smith & Tveidt now taking questions

6:29 PM @michaelfmuller: Applause

6:30 PM @michaelfmuller: Smith: On same track as Greece…default on debt, waiting for Alan Simpson-Erskine Bowles commission to report

6:31 PM @michaelfmuller: “Government spending is unsustainable” —Smith

6:32 PM @michaelfmuller: “Debt went up 1.8 billion a day under Bush, now going up at nearly $5 billion a day under Democrats”  #yikes

6:33 PM @michaelfmuller: Question unclear, woman had high-pitched voice and goofy southern accent

6:34 PM @michaelfmuller: Smith talking about bad decision to let Lehman Brothers go under, cost US economy over 5 Trillion dollars

6:34 PM @DavidForbes: From his statements, Smith seems pretty clearly from the conservative cut taxes/cut spending econ school

6:36 PM @michaelfmuller: Q: Increase in “overhead jobs” — paper pushers, government jobs, but loss of “real jobs” or production jobs

6:36 PM @michaelfmuller: Tveidt disagrees, says manufacturing jobs have increased

6:37 PM @michaelfmuller: America leads the world in productivity in terms of output per worker per year, growing faster than anywhere else in the world

6:37 PM @michaelfmuller: Majority of all people employed have jobs processing information, been that way since Nixon administration

6:38 PM @michaelfmuller: French have better cheese, wine

6:38 PM @michaelfmuller: Americans work longer — 2 months longer per year than workers in France.

6:39 PM @michaelfmuller: Forum over

6:39 PM @michaelfmuller: Positive cash flow… $57 billion in consumer cash , $837 billion pile of business cash

6:41 PM @michaelfmuller: MX news editor @mvwilliams is interviewing people. I will go shmooze

6:52 PM @michaelfmuller: Forgot to mention my standard “How many black people in the crowd” statistic. Only like 3, not including the Mayor.

6:55 PM @michaelfmuller: Lights going out. No one left but me, @Ashevegas, and a few others. Repairing to Pack’s for a frosty beer.

7:25 PM @michaelfmuller: To @jatkin02 Ha! I spoke with Dr. Smith after the forum. He admits to being a low-taxes, less government-is-better kind of guy

7:40 PM @michaelfmuller: Interesting statistic: Fewer people own their homes that any any time since the 4th quarter of 1999

7:42 PM @michaelfmuller: According to Dr. Smith, this is due to the high number of foreclosures caused by the irresponsible mandates imposed by Congress…

7:43 PM @michaelfmuller: …on Fannie & Freddie that required a higher % of home ownership by minorities who could not afford them

7:44 PM @michaelfmuller: All the housing gains of the 1990’s were erased in an instant, according to Smith

Click on the image above to download a PDF of the entire presentation. Courtesy of Parsec Financial


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