Wayfinding sign repair underway

Workers install one of the newly repaired wayfinding signs along Haywood Street. Infamously, the original wayfinding signs began peeling shortly after their installation, leading to a legal battle between the Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority and L&H Signs, the original installer. In September, the TDA chose a new company, Geograph Industries, to repair the signs.


5 thoughts on “Wayfinding sign repair underway

  1. David Forbes

    As reported in the September article about the repairs, the estimated cost is $279,864 of which $207,000 are funds remaining from the amount allocated for the original project.

  2. Barry Summers

    I hope they get every last dime of that $72,864 from the original contractor. There’s no excuse for taking on a project of this scale without knowing what you’re doing.

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