Xpress-rated: Video sneak peek at the Dec. 10 issue

Xpress-rated: Video sneak peek at the Dec. 10 issue-attachment0

Here’s your video preview of the Dec. 10 issue of the Mountain Xpress.

This week’s issue contains extensive coverage of the upcoming Warren Haynes Christmas Jam. The Jam has changed this year with its expansion into two concerts at the Asheville Civic Center and a full weekend’s worth of events (including the Jam by Day). The mission stays the same: To raise money for Habitat for Humanity. 

In its two decades, the event has gone from a quiet jam session among friends at local clubs to a sort of benevolent Bele Chere, with all the money going to charity instead of funnel cakes. The expansion of the Jam has created what may be the most diverse lineup yet, with music ranging from the retro country stomp of Marty Stuart to the furious alt-rock of Coheed and Cambria. That diversity is what the spirit of the Christmas Jam is all about, Haynes says.

For that story and more, pick up this week’s Xpress.



14 thoughts on “Xpress-rated: Video sneak peek at the Dec. 10 issue

  1. Radar

    Too bad they didn’t have the new microphone hooked up…you’d think someone at MW would show them how to use a mic ! I think you need to stick with print and leave video to people who know how to produce video and audio.

  2. Radar, don’t mistake my position … just because I am an advocate for video does not mean I don’t favor print as well. MountainX is doing the EXACT same thing my company is — adjusting to this new multimedia era. We want to encourage them to keep moving in this direction.

    By the way, guys… meant to complement you on the 16:9 aspect ratio — another good thing in video.

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