VegHeads Drive-Thru is open

The moment that many vegetarians have been waiting for is here: VegHeads Drive-Thru has opened. The new vegetarian fast-food joint, located at 705 Merrimon Ave. in north Asheville, specializes in quick, meat-free fare that’s recognizable and wholesome.

Menu items include an avocado hummus wrap for $5.99 and a vegan quinoa-veggie wrap for $5.99. There’s also a classic pasta salad for $6.29 and a tabbouleh salad for the same price. Sides include house-made kimchi for $3.29 and a cup of jasmine or brown rice for $2.49. There’s a kids’ menu, too, with ants on a log, tempeh nuggets and grilled cheese and fries — all for under $5.

Xpress sampled three items: The Mountain Burger with shiitake “bacon” ($6.99 plus 35 cents for the mushrooms), the cucumber seaweed salad ($4.50) and the Korean BBQ tempeh wrap ($6.99). The total, with tax, came to $19.91 without tip.

The seaweed and cucumber salad is substantial, with a tangy sweet dressing and red peppers. Do not make the mistake of carrying the box sideways like I did, spilling the dressing all over your skirt (or trousers, as the case may be). This is not car food, folks. It’s messy but tasty. Also, don’t expect the standard seaweed salad that you would get in a Japanese restaurant; the seaweed is a natural color and chopped into rough ribbons. My only gripe was that it had a bit too much dressing.

The veggie burger is not the usual chewy frozen puck — it contains lentils and grains and is made into a loose patty that holds together fairly well. It’s topped with fresh red onion, tomato and lettuce on a wheat bun. Don’t skip the shiitake “bacon.”

The tempeh wrap is the best of the bunch, with what seems like locally made tempeh. The sauce is tangy (and currently on my keyboard). The slaw that comes with it is fresh and crisp and the pita is toasted.

Check it out, but keep in mind that the place is still getting going — be patient. Asheville’s first vegetarian drive-through is a unique addition to our food scene. For more information, email


13 thoughts on “VegHeads Drive-Thru is open

  1. ashevillain7

    “The total, with tax, came to $19.91 without tip.”

    Are you supposed to tip at drive-thrus these days?

  2. AbraCat

    Picked up dinner there tonight– it was very good! Our favorites were the garden nuggets, avocado hummus wrap, sweet potato fries, falafel, and black bean brownies.

  3. [b]The new vegetarian fast-food joint, located at 705 Merrimon Ave. in north Asheville, specializes in quick, meat-free fare…[/b]

    You don’t say.

    (why was this comment flagged as spam by the computer god?)

  4. Bert

    It’s a cool idea. I’ve never seen anything intrinsically wrong with fast food. For those of us who work, sometimes we need to grab something on the go. It’s nice to have an option less harmful to our bodies than the mainstream fast food places.

  5. LLJK

    Vegheads is great, went there today. Their outside menu board is a little ghetto looking, but the food is awesome!

  6. I am looking forward to checking this place out this summer (hopefully when I’m back in Avl for good). The bbq tempeh wrap sounds great as do the other items described. Is there a full menu online yet?

  7. CT Director

    Swung by after a long day at work. Had the Hummus and Veggies and a ginger ale. REALLY good food at a good price. Would have been fine if I hadn’t succumbed to the Ants on a Log. Haven’t had that in 60 years; have just entered my second childhood! SO glad VegHeads is open.

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