Had enough of Stewart David’s letters

Geez-o-pete. Again? Is or is not Stewart David and his cadre of chain letter writers the most published submitters of Letters to the Editor ever? Is David a stakeholder at MX or have something on Jeff Fobes? To me it seems that anything Stewart sends in gets published. I am just sick of being beat over the head with his misguided drivel and his continual attempts to inflict his religion on the rest of our community. I might suggest Mr. David be elevated to guest columnist like Jerry Sternberg so that I may just tear out that page every week.

— Winthrop E. Dow

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One thought on “Had enough of Stewart David’s letters

  1. boatrocker

    Yeah, I agree. I’ve complained for years about the ‘facts’ as he sees them contained within his letters, but to no avail.

    What I do know is that Mtn X’s LTE policy states that he can only submit a letter every six weeks.
    Hold him to that, of course.

    Trouble is, many other LTE mirror his beliefs and less than accurate citing of sources (PETA for one does not count as an accurate objective source). Mountain X does not currently address this issue, but maybe they’re just busy.

    So yeah, offer the guy a job at the Mountain X, God knows it might help their reputation as a keystone of journalistic integrity. At least you’ll know which column to skip. He gets a paycheck, The Xpress has something to it besides artisan food, beer and cute indy bands.

    Until then,

    I’ll go with the eons old idea of the Circle of Life- give thanks for meat, don’t waste it, eat it in moderation, don’t support evil factory farms, but don’t label me a carnivore for including it in my diet next to the stuff that my dinner eats for dinner.

    Aho Mitakuye Oyasin. Pass the tatanka.

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