Shouldn’t we redirect our elected officials?

We know Congress considered how to balance the budget, but failed to adequately curtail the military-industrial corporate complex, approving such items as billions for genocidal nuclear weapons and an unrequested $551 million for B61 [nuclear bomb] Life Extension Program. Why have those self-proclaimed Christian Congress ignored Jesus' teachings, of blessing the peacemakers and caring for the least of these thy brethren?

While Western North Carolinians support the work of food banks, churches and pantries, food donations aren’t enough. Nearly 50 million Americans face hunger. Charity alone cannot meet the need. Congressional curtailment of programs that in the past helped low-income Americans put food on the table is the wrong way to reduce our nation's deficit.

Elected officials could make a real difference. Congress overlooked this in passing a new Farm Bill. They should reconsider strengthening hunger-relief programs like the Emergency Food Assistance Program and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. With unemployment still high and many Americans struggling to make ends meet, and given associated healthcare, educational and economic costs of hunger, cuts to these programs are not only costly in the long run, but they are immoral.

— Lew Patrie

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3 thoughts on “Shouldn’t we redirect our elected officials?

  1. “Jesus’ teachings,.. caring for the least of these thy brethren”.

    He didn’t say to use government force to achieve his teachings. Forcibly taking the wealth from one person and giving it to whom it does not belong is commonly called theft. By your logic, Jesus commended us to steal at the point of a gun.

    Real moral, dude.

    [Tuesday, August 6, 2013, 6:00pm]

  2. UnaffiliatedVoter

    So TRUE, Tim…this is the lesson that these progressive types just cannot learn, and why it is so hard for them to give up the control of ‘directing their own elected officials’ !!!

  3. MrBear

    I guess I missed the part of Jesus’ teachings that justified invading two countries; killing thousands of innocent collaterals and enriching numerous companies involved in the carnage while decrying the cost of providing food, shelter and medical care for our citizens.

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