Asheville or ashtray?

Asheville is a wonderful city. It’s no wonder so many tourists are lured to this beautiful environment. The Blue Ridge Mountains provide us with a plethora of hiking trails, waterfalls and stunning views. We’re surrounded by nature’s gifts. But the exquisite scenery isn’t the only reason Asheville is unique. We have a vibrant music scene, […]


Wise Women Notebook, part 1: ‘Seven Magical Herbs’ with Ceara Foley

At the 10th annual Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference, held from Oct. 10th through Oct. 12 on the beautiful grounds of Lake Eden in Black Mountain, 1,100 women gathered to study and celebrate. The conference is a three-day fall immersion, where women from across the country come together to study herbal medicine. Over 45 teachers offered classes in a […]

Tate MacQueen is the best choice for the 10th Congressional District

Who will be the best representative for North Carolina’s  10th Congressional District? Someone like Patrick McHenry, who has taken thousands from the fracking and fossil fuel industries and the banking sectors, or Tate MacQueen, who continues to fight against pollution at the CTS site in Asheville? Polls show that most Americans support strengthening Social Security and […]

Letter to voters includes misinformation

While taking hours over the weekend to register 10 voters, I heard on the news that Americans for Prosperity sent out a mailer to hundreds of North Carolinians targeting African-American communities and other Democratic-leaning neighborhoods with false information about voter registration. Among the misinformation in the mailer: two different deadlines for mailing registration applications; instructions […]

Contraception funding saves local school taxes, environment

Only contraception can save the world or Buncombe County. This means that among things that can’t save Buncombe are bike lanes, solar panels, wind generators, vegetarianism, organic farming, stream bank mitigation, stormwater management or manure management sheds. A big reason most of the above can’t save Buncombe is because they require steel to make, as […]

Image courtesy of Children First CIS

A friend for life: Children First/CIS summer campers at Horse Sense of the Carolinas

Horse Sense of the Carolinas, located in Marshall, is an internationally recognized leader in the field of equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning — used to foster positive emotional, mental, behavioral and social skills of those who may be at risk or have special issues including children dealing with food insecurity or crowded living-situations.