Support growing for improved transportation options

Public support for improving our access to safe, active transportation options continues to grow in Asheville. Last week’s “Long Walk Ahead,” [Aug. 27, Xpress] by Jake Frankel pinpointed specific sidewalk investments by the city of Asheville. While funding challenges remain, I believe our city is responding to the message that multimodal transportation is an important […]

Hydraulic fracturing threatens WNC’s beauty, water

Western North Carolina has it all: picture-postcard scenery with pristine water. Unfortunately, hydraulic fracturing threatens it. Fracking is an industrial process using millions of gallons of our pure mountain water mixed with toxic chemicals pumped underground at extremely high pressure to break apart natural gas-infused rock. Each well poisons 3 million to 5 million gallons […]

YESTERDAY'S LANDFILL: In the 1990s, Asheville and Buncombe County faced many challenges, such as where to locate a new landfill. (pictured above, the old landfill). (file photo)

The challenges we faced in the ’90s

The Mountain Xpress was born in a decade — the 1990s — that produced major challenges new to Asheville and Buncombe County. First challenge: Two large construction projects — a new jail and landfill — had been neglected because of their cost and unpopularity. Second challenge: A new source of drinking water was needed to […]

Consider joining fracking discussion on Sept. 12

I’m concerned about fracking coming to Western North Carolina, so I’m going to a hearing about it in Cullowhee on Friday, Sept. 12. Please consider joining us. (See Fracking threatens drinking water wells, which more than 3 million people in North Carolina rely on for their drinking water. North Carolina’s shale formations are closer to the […]

BOARDED UP: In this 1980s view from the Vance Monument, the buildings around Pack Square were boarded up and vacant. (Photo courtesy of Karen Tessier)

Growing up in Asheville

Congratulations on 20 years! It seems Green Line and Mountain Xpress have been a big part of the community far longer. I suspect that comes from my political side, though. I appreciate the opportunity to reminisce about the city and 20 years of memories about the place I love —particularly downtown and West Asheville. A […]