Litter by any other name

If a teenager drives by and tosses a used soda bottle in one driveway, he can be fined hundreds of dollars for littering. If the Asheville Citizen-Times drives by and tosses a plastic bag filled with advertising circulars in thousands of driveways, why isn't the Citizen-Times fined for littering? — Thomas Peterson Asheville Editor’s note: […]

Now I understand

Now I understand why Carl Mumpower (in his Aug. 17 Asheville Citizen-Times piece), North Carolina Rep. Larry Pitman, Missouri Rep. Todd Aiken, vice presidential candidate and Wisconsin Sen. Paul Ryan and their fellow male counterparts have such cavalier disdain for Planned Parenthood and their efforts to promote women's health and reproductive rights. If they are […]

Boycott Gannett!

I like to be informed about my community, so I have appreciated being able to hop online at any time to check out, and the Asheville FM News Hour and Little Shop of Attitude show [“To Air is Human,” April 4 Xpress]. Having said that, now I think its finally time to boycott […]

Complaint about GoTopless rally justifies GoTopless rally

I read with interest Carl Mumpower's complaints about the Aug. 21 GoTopless rally in the Aug. 23 Asheville Citizen-Times. I believe his concerns are important. Mumpower states correctly that the Citizen-Times' website self-censored its material and one "U-Tube" [sic] video claimed it was not appropriate for minors. But finding examples one likes doesn't prove one […]